What is a Sacred Arts Guild?

We, here at the Fra Angelico Institute for the Sacred Arts, believe that the foundation stones for this Institute are its Sacred Arts Guilds. A Sacred Arts Guild is a collection of people within a specific type of art form such as painting, sculpture, wood-carving, story writing, music, etc. The Sacred Arts Guilds are made up of those artists who are willing to come together on-line through posting and commenting with me on this blog, and when possible, in person to discuss and share their sacred art with other interested artists, and, if working in the same field, be willing to discuss and solve problems, gain insight, and rejoice with fellow artists in a final product that was personally satisfying and prayerful to create, simultaneously inspires others to prayer, and gives glory to God.

Within our Institute there are numerous categories of Sacred Art Guilds:

Painting of Sacred images

Sacred illuminated miniatures

Sacred calligraphy

Sacred stained glass

Sacred architecture and gardens

Sacred needlework – includes the knitting of prayer shawls/quilts

Sacred ceramics and tile work

Sacred music: singing, playing, or composing of music and chant

Sacred sculpture and wood working/carving

Sacred photography and the digital arts

and the Written word: sermons, essays, poetry, literature, drama

It is our prayerful hope that these Guilds will bring together individuals with a love for God and who desire to create beautiful works – to give glory to God – improve their own personal prayer life – and evangelize their fellow man.

Our motto being: Accept Lord, our prayers, petitions, and creativity, as the fruits of our day.

Copyright © 2011 Deacon Paul O. Iacono All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “What is a Sacred Arts Guild?

    1. Thank you Anne for joining the Sacred Needlework Guild. You might want to see an early post from last year – maybe late summer or the Fall, it was called “The Beautiful Needlework of Esther Paris.” Esther is an awarding winning lacework artist from Rhode Island.


    1. To become a member of the Fra Angelico Institute for the Sacred Arts you would request a formal membership application. I will send it to you through your email address. You would fill it out and send it back by email or by snail mail whichever makes you comfortable.
      We are a Roman Catholic institute, working under the approval of our Diocesan Bishop here in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. So we ask our members to be conscious of the fact that their art should not in any way disrespect the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. You do not have to be Roman Catholic to be a member of the Institute, however, we ask you to respect what we believe and not produce any art that would be contrary to it. When a person fills out the membership form they would tell us what Sacred Arts Guild they would like to become part of. Once you have done that and sent it back to us you would then begin to prayerfully create your art, knowing that you are part of a community of artists who are all trying to prayerfully create art that gives glory to God, His angels, and His saints. Sacred artists, by nature, are solitary workers; so the vast majority of our members understand that their mission, their “call,” is to give glory to God through their art and receive comfort that we are collectively praying as a religious institute that God supports them in their creativity and their product. Please feel free to email me with any further questions at frainstitute@cox.net. Thanks, Deacon Paul Iacono


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