Fra Angelico’s Beautiful Image of St. Lawrence

Fra Angelico painted (fresco) this image between 1447 – 1449. It is found in the Vatican. It is approximately 9 by 7 feet and portrays the deacon, St. Lawrence, distributing the Church’s monies to the poor of Rome.

St. Lawrence is wearing a beautiful rose colored dalmatic A dalmatic is the outer garment that is worn over an alb, stole, and cincture.  The dalmatic represents the deacon’s service to his bishop. It is only worn during the celebration of Holy Mass. St. Lawrence was martyred on August 10, 257.

If you are interested in a more detailed review of the history of St. Lawrence  please refer to my post of August 10, 2020 entitled “St. Lawrence – Deacon and Martyr.” Thanks.

(This post was edited on August 10, 2020).

8 thoughts on “Fra Angelico’s Beautiful Image of St. Lawrence

  1. Hello,
    Can you tell me the copyright laws on these images? My son is being ordained to the transitional diaconate and I’d like to use “St. Lawrence Distributes Alms to the Poor” on his thank you notes. Are these images public domain?


    1. My understanding is that this image is in the public domain; however, usually the person using the image identifies the painter by putting his/her name and the title of the work somewhere on the card, essay, movie credits… So, this can be done on the back of his remembrance card when the printer sets up the name of your son, date, etc. He can put it in smaller print from the major information at the bottom of the card – in the same way most religious prayer cards (should) do. Best wishes to you all, please ask him to pray for me and my family. Thanks, Deacon Paul O. Iacono


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