2 thoughts on “Fig-48-p173

    1. Mr. Jovel,
      Thank you for reading and finding my post valuable to your studies. Since I do not know your background allow me to quickly go over how you may use my post in your studies or publication.
      You may use my post as long as you respect my copyright, by that I mean that you must give me the credit for my post article and my Institute name in your spoken public presentations, paper, articles, blog, etc. Within the article is the specific source that I cited for the picture of the bronze medallion of Saint Peter and Paul. Obviously, you must use that source in any thing you discuss or write, too. If you would be so kind I would be interested in knowing how you will use my post.
      You may copy my post article by the typical method of copying it through your computer and saving it to a blank page in your word processor, then printing. If that doesn’t work then attempt printing directly from that page in my blog. I hope that works for you.
      There is, I presume, a specific way of citing a web post according to the various college and library source styles. I would imagine that my full name, title of the article, the website title and web address plus the date of publication of my post would be sufficient.
      Thanks very much.
      If you are interested, feel free to subscribe to my blog, and spread the word among your colleagues.
      Best wishes,
      Deacon Paul Iacono


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