Good Friday/Easter 2021: Christ’s Embrace

Jesus Christ Our Lord and Redeemer silently hangs in agony on the Cross. His bloody arms stretched wide as if to embrace us.

We safely stand at a distance. We are mute and deafened by sounds that intensify our cowardice.

Death arrives and it is over. Jesus is quietly carried away and buried.

Days pass, filled with doubts we walk along a path and suddenly see Someone.


We draw back, stopped by the sight of the pierced hands of the One we know and love.

We are hesitant, but the sound of His voice propels us toward Him.

He embraces and kisses us. We in turn kiss Him, not with the kiss of Judas but the kiss of an intimate friend.

Copyright © 2011- 2021, Deacon Paul O. Iacono – All Rights Reserved.


Copyright © 2011- 2021, Deacon Paul O. Iacono – All Rights Reserved. Permission to reprint must be obtained from the author in writing. Students, and those interested, may quote small sections of the article as long as the proper credit and notation is given. Thank you.

The above photograph is taken from Mr. Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ.  It is an extraordinary film that is brilliantly acted and directed. Thanks to Mr. Gibson and his staff for allowing me to use it.

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