God’s Playfulness – Video and Verse

If you have a moment, click on this link, expand the very brief video to full screen, then sit back and enjoy the playfulness of God and the gift of His creative grace. After watching it, I composed a few verses, which I share with you.



Grace, the gift of God’s energy; the sharing of Divine life. 

God plays with His creation – mutual joy crashes in on our senses, like the lovely waves of the starlings’ wings, to drench us with His beauty.

Grace, God freely shares His friendship.

We are graced.  

We rejoice and give thanks.

Copyright © 2011- 2013 Deacon Paul O. Iacono All Rights Reserved. I would like to thank nature photographer Dylan Winter for the incredible starling murmurations video and for the Guideposts website for featuring it. 

2 thoughts on “God’s Playfulness – Video and Verse

  1. This is beautiful.
    I have seen it happen in rural areas here in the west–but not in such huge numbers as this flock. It is amazing to watch. Such a marvel, grace, and beauty in a creature that is regarded as a pest, as a nonnative invader.
    God not only shares the beauty of His creation: in this instance He as chosen the rejected as the vehicle with which to do so.


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for that wonderful insight into God choosing the rejected as the method to show His beauty.
      A very poignant reminder that Our God is a God of surprises!
      Best wishes for continued success with your beautiful and prayer filled iconography.


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