The Beautiful Lace Needlework of Esther Paris

Two weeks ago, at our Autumn Meeting of the Fra Angelico Institute for the Sacred Arts, some of the members displayed examples of their secular and sacred art.

The mission of the Institute is to deepen the prayer life of its participants by evangelizing the truth, goodness, and beauty of God through the understanding and creation of sacred art. Some of our members were involved in this effort before they became participants in the Institute – evidence that the Holy Spirit is working in many different ways, through the efforts of a variety of talents, to express the truth, beauty, and goodness of God through artistic creativity.

In this post I’ll be showing the work of the artist Esther Paris. Throughout this week and next, I’ll be featuring the work of other artists that presented their work at our  October 28th meeting.  All of the work is of superb quality and shows a wonderful diversity of approaches, interests, and techniques. Some of the art is secular and some is sacred – but all of it exemplifies the care, commitment, and wonderful creativity of the artists who are members of the Institute. If you are an artist – novice or veteran – seriously consider joining our efforts to give glory to God through the creation of sacred art! If you are interested in learning more, or joining us, please contact me at

The photograph below is of the beautiful lace needlework of Esther Paris. Esther is a member of the Institute’s Sacred Needle Arts Guild, and we are very happy to have a person of her talent acting as the “maestro” of that Guild!

Photo and design: Copyright © 2011 Esther Paris All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

Esther Paris is from Cumberland, Rhode Island and she is the 2011 Eastern States Exposition First Place Winner and People’s Choice Award Winner in the Lace category, Non-Instructors, “Class H – Tatting – Adaptation.” This competition was held at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, MA this past September. People from as far away as Florida competed in the various categories within the Lace Competition department. Congratulations Esther! In the future, I will post other work completed by her – it is sure to please!

Copyright © 2011 Deacon Paul O. Iacono All Rights Reserved

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